Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Projects

I recently noticed the blast of arctic air on our friends to the North and was thinking it would definitely be a good time for indoor kind of activities! Good time for interior renovations and decorating perhaps? I enjoyed reading a post not too long a go by by Chris Davis "Frog on a Pumpkin" where she and her husband re-decorated her work office with a very Gothic-ish look. I personally thought the old style wood valances and the small chandelier were a nice touch. Check out the Davis House Blog or Frog on a Pumpkin blog if you'd like, they have some photos posted.

Anyways, I'm always on the look out for unusual wood working projects and came across this corner shelf unit made from an old door that I personally thought was pretty ingenious. So if your in the redecorating mood such as the Davis's and you can find the right door you might want to give it a try. Really wouldn't require any tools except a table saw, and if your careful you might even be able to use a hand held power saw. Finish it off with one of those antique door knobs you can still find here and there, and maybe some antique hinges, and you have a very unique corner shelf. I know I personally will pay a little closer attention to the old homes being torn down for a four or six panel style door being discarded! This project was designed by a gentleman by the name of Steve Holder. Nice job Steve!

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